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Hurricane Hermine Before Landfall

Our Florida Governor has declared a state of emergency in 42 counties. We are going to see damage from water flooding our homes and businesses. We will witness wind gusts over 70 mph and we will also see tornadoes cause tremendous property damage. When filing a property claim think about who pays an insurance companies …
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The Cost of Windstorms

It’s a bright, sunny day outside but a hurricane is drawing near. Or, you may already be in the middle of a severe thunderstorm. The hurricane may not be a direct hit, but your property or business may still be affected by high winds. Thunderstorms are notorious for creating winds that cause major damage. Wind …
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Don’t Overlook a Claim

Overlooked claims by homeowners can include natural disasters and accidental mishaps. Oftentimes, natural disasters that are uncommon in an area can devastate homeowners and even render a home uninhabitable. This could lead many homeowners to the realization that the event was not covered under their policy. However, there are a lot of times when a …
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Insurance Claim Tips

Most homeowners have no idea how to file for an insurance claim, even when it is something as simple as a fire damage claim. Without understanding your insurance policy, and the various types of fire and smoke damage that are covered under your policy can cost you your home, wipe out your savings and set …
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Hurricane Season is Here!

Hurricane Andrew, which ripped through South Florida in 1992, and left insurers on the hook for more than $15 billion in losses, caused the insurance industry to add higher storm related deductibles. At the time, it was the costliest hurricane in U.S. history, although Hurricane Katrina now tops that list, according to the Insurance Information …
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