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Commercial Property Insurance Claim Adjusting

Business theft insurance claim adjustingAs Licensed Public Insurance Adjusters, we investigate the loss and the scope of damage. We prepare a proper estimate do determine what repairs are needed, complete any and all necessary documents and paperwork that are required by the policy as well as any other documents requested by the insurance carrier, like a Proof of Loss. If there is an Examination Under Oath or recorded statement, then we will prepare the insured for what to expect and how to handle themselves while being interviewed by the insurance company or attorney representing the carrier.

Most importantly, we will advocate the interests of the policyholder and negotiate for a proper award that will allow the policyholder to restore their property to a pre-loss condition. Commercial property claims usually have a substantially higher award than a residential claim. The larger the award from the carrier, the more the insurance company will delay payment and try to under pay the policyholder.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Certified Public Claims AdjusterAnalysis of property damage for insurance claim

If your commercial property has been damaged, then a Certified Public Claims Adjuster can help you get the compensation that you deserve! We work to get a speedy and thorough resolution because we don’t get paid until you do. Contact us now using the form below or via phone at (800) 580-5650 for your Free Consultation with an experienced Certified Public Claims Adjuster at Reliable Claims Adjusting!