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As an experienced, dedicated Nocatee Private Claims Adjusting Company, we expedite your property damage claim so you can completely restore your residence or business operations as quickly as possible; as well as protect you from the stress and hassle of engaging in such difficult and complicated situations like filing property damage claims with your insurance carrier. Our team of claim adjustment experts are experienced in helping Florida residents recover more money from insurance companies to cover their damages, and our success is proven by our glowing reviews and testimonials.

A Florida state agency study found that policyholders using a private insurance adjuster to help settle a claim received an average of 574% higher settlements than those using only the homeowner’s insurance company adjuster.

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Don’t Trust Insurance Companies For a Fair Evaluation

Reliable Claims Adjuster Andrew GordonAfter your insurance company is notified of damage or loss through your home insurance claims process, an insurance company adjuster will contact or visit you, the policyholder, to research how the loss occurred, the magnitude and scope of the damage, and the potential for subrogation, which is requiring a third party who is responsible for the loss pay for damages. Incomplete, incorrect, or inadequate answers to the insurance company adjuster’s questions may even reduce the amount of compensation you are eligible to claim.

A Nocatee Private Claims Adjuster engaged in the process before the insurance company fact-finding stage, provides a significantly greater opportunity to make sure the policyholder receives a fair settlement for all the losses legitimately claimed under the insurance policy. However, anytime throughout negotiations with the insurance company, and sometimes even after the insured has already received a settlement, a private adjuster may still be able to renegotiate for a higher payout.

Private Claims Adjusters Help Get the Compensation You Deserve

Detailed review of property damage insurance claim

A recent study by a FL state agency found that policyholders that used a private adjuster to help them settle their claim with Citizens Property Insurance negotiated higher settlements, an estimated $9,379 payout per claim versus $1,391 – a 574% difference – than policyholders working with only the insurance company’s adjuster.

On catastrophe insurance claims from the 2005 Florida hurricanes, settlements negotiated with the support of a private adjuster averaged an estimated $17,187 per claim versus an estimated average of $2,029 with the home insurance company’s staff adjuster – a difference of 747%.

It can happen to anyone. The Florida Legislature’s Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability were asked to review and examine 14,997 catastrophe hurricane damage claims filed between March 2008 and June 2009, and 61,324 non-catastrophe insurance claims during the same time frame. Risk management and disaster planning is not always enough to completely protect your home or business from property loss, damage, or disaster. Since flood insurance companies and homeowners insurance companies are typically difficult to work with, having a licensed private adjuster handle your claim and the negotiation process is a smart choice.

Our dedicated private claims adjusters are both highly experienced and highly motivated to get you the compensation you need and rightfully deserve from your insurance company. From home structure repairs and personal item, to lost wages, displacement, or other hardships, we ensure that all expenses associated with your insurance damage claims are properly accounted for and considered for reimbursement.

Don’t let the insurance companies pay less than you deserve! Our independent adjusters support you throughout the entire insurance claims process. Our focus is on helping you get the claims payout required to get your life, home, or business back. Let our dedicated experts negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf for reduced stress and the compensation you deserve.

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Denied Insurance Claims? We can help!When you trust us to handle your water damage, flood, plumbing, fire, vandalism, theft, blasting, sinkhole, tornado, hurricane, tropical storm, wind damage, hail damage, or any other casualty or property related insurance claim, we work for you strictly on a contingency basis.

This means that there is no out of pocket cost to you until you are paid by your insurance carrier. If we are unable to recover compensation in relation to your insurance claim, then you pay nothing to us!

For all of your insurance claim settlement needs, our experienced private adjusters are here for you.

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