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Are Independent Adjusters Really Independent?

As public insurance adjusters we see so many policyholders that are confused by the term “independent adjuster”. Is an independent adjuster really independent? Who do they actually work for? Read on to learn more…

When a homeowner or business owner files a claim with their insurance company, the company then picks their favorite independent adjustment firm, the one that saves them the most money. From there a file is created and the wheels are set into motion to visit your property loss, take various photos and write an estimate of loss. The insurance adjuster will eventually send you the estimate of loss and you probably won’t understand much of what is on the estimate of loss. The adjuster makes it as difficult as possible for the average insured to understand the breakdown and, more confusing, the way he came up with his final figures to pay your loss.

Then he may make another visit to your property to explain to you that this is the only amount that the insurance company is willing to pay you for your loss and all you need to do is sign this form and they will give you a check for what is reflected on his estimate. STOP! Do not sign this form. You have no idea what you are signing! It’s nothing less than preying on innocent people who have suffered loss of property.

The independent insurance adjustment firms know if they don’t get the lowest possible settlement for the insurance company that hired them, that the insurance company will not give them very much, if any work again. The insurance company depends on the adjuster to low-ball every item you own and what you include in your loss claim form.

For example let’s say you have a dense high-grade carpeted living room and dining room floors that is no longer being manufactured. The living room is only damaged. The job of the insurance company adjuster is to try to get you to accept less by recommending the best carpet available right now, that will most likely cost less than your original carpeting was worth. Obviously if you cannot get the exact carpet, the adjuster will convince you to accept a lesser grade carpet for the living room and, to make matters worse, he will not even pay you for the matching dining room carpet. He will attempt to convince you in every way possible that you will not even notice the difference between the living room and dining room carpet. Once you sign the papers agreeing to a settlement from the insurance company, you no longer have any leverage to negotiate with the adjusters.

Keep in mind that Reliable Claims Adjusting is here to help you cut through the red tape. We are the squeaky wheel that gets the oil. They are no longer in control once we are involved with your claim. Remember, the insurance adjuster works for your insurance company and he is by no means your friend. He is not trying to help you, no matter what he says, he is attempting to save the insurance company money period! He will minimize the damage or loss. If you are in need of a public adjuster, call Reliable Claims Adjusting today!