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Theft & Vandalism

Business theft insurance claim adjusting

Being the victim of theft or vandalism is doubly frustrating. Not only do you have to deal with the loss of property and peace of mind, you must also handle repairs, replacement, and getting everything back to original order and condition. Theft and vandalism claims include damages to the property as a result of forced entry or damage done while the act was going on in the property.

The main focus of a theft claim is compiling a list of all the items stolen with an accurate value for all items. It is very important that all items are correctly accounted for, and that all resulting damage is also taken into consideration when filing your insurance claim.

If theft occurs in an office or commercial building and as a result, there is an interruption of business, then any business losses should be covered by your insurance policy, as well.

Theft can often occur with other types of claims, such as natural disasters. Looting after a fire or hurricane, when your property is still abandoned, is a relatively common occurrence, so you may find that you have to file multiple claims at once.

Here at Reliable Claims Adjusting, we are able to assist with all types of insurance claim adjusting, regardless of the level of complexity. Unlike corporate insurance claim adjusters, our adjusters have your best interests at heart, and are dedicated to getting you the payout you deserve.

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Denied Insurance Claims? We can help!If your home or business has suffered damage due to theft or vandalism, then don’t trust the insurance companies to give you the compensation that you deserve. Working with an unbiased, outside agency, such as Reliable Claims Adjusting, can help you to get a fair evaluation, and fair compensation to go with it.

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