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Large Loss Insurance Claims

Large Loss property damage claims are extremely complicated. Navigating the waters through the insurance policy language requires years of experience. Understanding how your policy provides coverage is necessary to ensure there are no surprises during the insurance claim. Each loss can be unique and require specific attention to detail.

Did the loss cause structural damage? Is the property up to code for repairs to commence? Knowing what questions to ask and who to get the proper answers from includes an extensive history of large loss insurance claims. Using a public insurance claims adjuster will allow you to open a professional line of communication with your insurance carrier. The stature of your claim now rises and you have an advocate that has represented hundreds of clients and experienced all the claims process has to offer.

We have advocated the interests of the policyholder on many large loss property claims. Large Commercial Losses require engaging the right engineer, contractor, or tradesman. Large Residential Losses have many layers of coverage to interpret and react to properly. If you have ever had a large loss insurance claim, then you know the claim process is extremely time consuming and draining; many insurance carriers do not offer a fair award in the beginning of the claims process. Some carriers look for all reasons to try and deny your claim. They will request dozens of items. Some relevant and many non-relevant items.

Your policy dictates that you will provide certain things at certain times. Your policy dictates what you can do to fight your award if you do not agree with it. When dealing with a 6 or 7-digit property loss, you want to be represented by a professional with experience negotiating Large Loss Insurance Claims.

One claim that our firm assisted with was a water loss that affected a large condo. 8 units were effected and each required around $40k worth of damage. The insurance carrier initially offer the policyholder $90k total. After several rounds with the insurance company, we finalized a settlement of $376k. Without our company’s constant persistence in obtaining a proper award, many of our clients would never be able to repair their properties in a manner respective of how it was before the loss. Large Loss Insurance Claims are a big hit for insurance companies. They will try and minimize their losses as much as possible. That is why it is so important to have experience on your side.

Reliable Claims Adjusting has represented businesses, HOA’s, trustees, and condo boards. We have years of experience in multiple states. Reliable Claims Adjusting has been licensed in 6 states and understand the state code of ethics in each state along with all the necessary statutes that relate to insurance claims and specifically large loss insurance claims.

We have represented clients during loss from Fire, Water, Theft, Wind, Hurricane, Hail, Lightning, Blasting, Collapse, and Sinkholes. Each type of loss has its own complications and procedures. We have the experience to help policyholders during the insurance property claim.