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Don’t Overlook a Claim

Overlooked claims by homeowners can include natural disasters and accidental mishaps. Oftentimes, natural disasters that are uncommon in an area can devastate homeowners and even render a home uninhabitable. This could lead many homeowners to the realization that the event was not covered under their policy. However, there are a lot of times when a homeowner has to call a public adjuster to help with their claim. The following mishaps are often unclaimed by homeowners:

Animal Bites: While a home may not be damaged by an animal bite, this does not mean that the costs may not be covered under an insurance policy. It is up to the homeowner to pay the medical bills of any person injured on their property and this is something that is often covered within the general homeowner’s insurance. This will fall under the liability coverage that a policy has.

Fire Damage: Many homeowner accidents occur when they leave candles burning unattended, or they have a mishap with their stoves. In either case, the ability to make a fire damage claim is always available. While flood damage is often not covered, it is difficult to find a policy that will not include fire damage coverage. If an area of the home has been damaged by fire, no matter the extent, a claim can be made so that the damage can be repaired.

Mold:The idea of mold is one that frightens every homeowner. When mold creeps into a home, it can cause the structure to become uninhabitable. In fact, mold can pose a severe health risk to any occupant residing in the dwelling. The problem with mold is that there are strict rules that govern the claims that can be made. If mold has come about suddenly because of a plumbing issue, this will be covered by the insurance policy. However, this has to be caused by peril and not neglect. A constant leak caused by a neglected repair in the roof of a home will not be adequate reason to file a claim. The homeowner has the responsibility of maintaining their home at all times. If a neglected repair has led to the mold damage, a claim will be denied.

Acts of God: There are times that damage can occur to a home and a claim can be filed for events that were completely out of the control of a homeowner. If a tree branch falls on the roof of a home during a massive storm and causes damage, this will be considered an act of god.

The same goes for anything that is completely out of the control of the homeowner. Falling plane parts, debris from space and anything that was out of the homeowner’s control may be covered. It should be noted, however, that it is still the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that no further damage occurs as a result. If a hole has not been covered and mold has grown as a result, the insurance will not cover it – this could have been avoided.

Homeowners insurance is meant to protect both the borrower and the lender. When a homeowner has had a claim rejected or is having trouble getting a response from an insurance company, it is always a good idea to call a public adjuster to help. Reliable Claims Adjusting is here to be your advocate. When in doubt, ask for help right away. Contact us any time for a free policy and claim evaluation.