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Hurricane Season is Here!

Hurricane Andrew, which ripped through South Florida in 1992, and left insurers on the hook for more than $15 billion in losses, caused the insurance industry to add higher storm related deductibles. At the time, it was the costliest hurricane in U.S. history, although Hurricane Katrina now tops that list, according to the Insurance Information … read more

Meeting With Your Public Insurance Adjuster

Information is the key to success when working with a public insurance adjuster. Before you call, make sure you have the following documents available — this will make it much easier for them to do their job and ultimately help you. Your Current Insurance Information: The most important thing to provide is a copy of … read more

Are Independent Adjusters Really Independent?

As public insurance adjusters we see so many policyholders that are confused by the term “independent adjuster”. Is an independent adjuster really independent? Who do they actually work for? Read on to learn more… When a homeowner or business owner files a claim with their insurance company, the company then picks their favorite independent adjustment … read more

Be Prepared for Summer Storms

If summer storms damage your property, are you protected? Many parts of the country are lucky enough not to have monster tornadoes or floods. But even a run of the mill summer storm could result in extensive property damages, some of which may not be covered by your homeowners policy. Public claims adjusters recommend that … read more

Proof of Loss – What you Need to Know

A Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss is a document the policyholder may be requested to submit following a property loss claim. The purpose of the Proof of Loss is to obtain a formal statement from the policyholder regarding the true circumstances and scope of the property loss. Insurance companies use the proof of loss … read more